BWB Flex selects the perfect temporary worker for your business. To BWB Flex perfect means: the temporary worker with the right training, the right skills and the motivation to dedicate themselves for the full 100 percent to the work at your business. In addition to training and experience BWB Flex puts great value in motivation, because the performance of your business is directly linked to the commitment of your temporary workers.

Hiring temporary workers via BWB Flex is simple. You tell us what the job requirements are, you determine the period and the number of hours you need, and you decide when the deployment ends. You are in full control from beginning to end.

However, you face no administrative worries, the notice period is short and termination of the deployment agreement is simple. In case of sickness or vacation BWB Flex can immediately provide a replacement, offering great ease and flexibility.

Why choose a BWB Flex temporary worker:

  • To cope with a temporary busy period
  • To replace a sick worker
  • To replace staff on holiday
  • To meet your need for well-trained and experienced personnel

The advantages of a BWB Flex temporary worker are:

  • You won’t need to free up time for job interviews
  • You won’t face recruitment and selection costs
  • You have a reduced administrative workload
  • You won’t face the usual risks such as staff illness and turnover
  • You only pay for hours worked
  • You don’t pay vacation allowances or end-of-year bonuses
  • You never pay severance packages

Working method

BWB Flex takes care of the entire process from recruitment, selection, employer’s references, identity checks, personnel administration, sick leave registration and holiday planning to salary payments.

The selection process starts as soon as BWB Flex receives your application. All necessary information and documents regarding the temporary worker – including ID and VCA diploma (VCA stands for Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu Checklist Aannemers: Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors) – will be in your possession before their first day of work. BWB Flex will supply all the usual personal protective equipment and tools if unavailable. Upon request, BWB Flex will arrange for accommodation for the temporary worker near the place of work.

At the end of the week the worker will ask you to sign their work sheet and they will send it to BWB Flex. You will receive a weekly invoice based on the worksheet.


BWB Flex maintains a strong, personal relationship with its staff, who receive extensive training for instance Dutch working methods, labour laws and regulations and the phased system. The majority of temporary workers on BWB Flex’s payroll know the Dutch labour market like the back of their hand. International newcomers receive extensive coaching.

BWB Flex staff regularly visit their clients to meet with both employers and temporary workers to determine whether they are happy about the work and about the worker’s performance. Any issues will be resolved if necessary.


You pay only for the hours worked on the basis of an all-in rate. There will be no additional charges for transportation, accommodation or any other costs. There is a separate rate for surcharge hours. The hourly rate and surcharge rate are agreed in advance and laid down in the deployment agreement. This is a clear and transparent working method intended to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.