General information

Are you looking for a new and challenging job in installation, construction, metal or painting sector? Then BWB Flex is the place to be.

At BWB Flex you can find work as a temporary worker or on the basis of secondment. BWB Flex also handles the selection and recruitment process for a large number of employers, in which case you are hired directly by the client. Most people start off as a temporary worker and progress from there to a permanent contract with either BWB Flex or the client.


As a temporary worker you have a flexible labour agreement. You work for BWB Flex on a temporary basis and do not become a permanent member of its staff. You are deployed for indefinite periods of time in jobs across the Netherlands.


If you are being seconded, you either sign a contract for a limited period or a permanent contract with BWB Flex. BWB Flex then seconds you to just one client or several projects for a longer period. These projects are spread out across the Netherlands and not limited to any specific region.

Recruitment and Selection

BWB Flex recruits and selects candidates for its clients. When your experience, training and interests match the vacancy’s job profile BWB Flex introduces you to the client. A contract is signed between you and the client. You do not become a member of BWB Flex’ staff.

BWB Flex puts great emphasis on a direct, personal and above all clear commitment. BWB Flex always takes your perspective into consideration. One of the questions we always ask is: What are your wishes and plans for the near future? We take your wishes into account and BWB Flex expects the same from you. BWB Flex aims to actively obtain a permanent contract through meeting agreements and an active attitude on the work floor.

BWB Flex is a certified job agency. BWB Flex is subject to annual audits regarding its NBBU membership and its NEN 4400-1, VCU and CFH certification. These audits are carried out by independent external institutions to ensure that BWB Flex complies with collective labour agreements, that the accommodation it provides meets official standards and that it puts sufficient emphasis on the health and safety of the temporary worker. BWB Flex is proud to have these hallmarks of quality and does whatever it takes to keep them.