Procedure E106 form?

With the ‘E106 form’ you can show your country of residence that you have Dutch healthcare insurance and are as such entitled to reimbursement of the costs of medical care in accordance with the statutory insurance package of that country (only EU countries). The statutory insurance package is similar to the public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands. The costs of this care are covered by the insurance you take out in the Netherlands. On the ‘E106 form’ you can also indicate the fact that family members are co-insured.

Do it now
You can obtain the E106 form from your healthcare insurer. BWB Flex make sure you are insured by HollandZorg, please call with the Customer Service +31 (0)570 687 123 or send an e-mail to [email protected] Please state your BSN or policy number and/or your name and date of birth.

Moving to the Netherlands
Are you insured with HollandZorg and are moving to the Netherlands? Please do not forget to notify the CVZ and HollandZorg. We will terminate registration in the country of residence on the basis of the E106 form. Any family members moving with you will be de-registered as well.

Bron: HollandZorg

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